Heritage Guides

 P      O     R     T     S     M     O     U     T     H

Come and explore Portsmouth's rich history and diverse heritage with us.


In addition to our program of Guided Walks, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of illustrated talks covering a varied range of subjects.  These can be viewed as a 'stand alone' presentation, or incorporated into a programme of enrichment or learning.  They are particularly suited to:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Adult Education classes
  • Social Groups / WI / U3A
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Historical / Living History Societies
  • Festivals
  • Cruise Ships / Holiday companies

Please use the form on the CONTACT US page to request further information or to check availability.

Memento Mori

Death.  It's such a taboo subject, yet we are fascinated by it.

In this talk we'll look at the Victorian obsession with mourning our dearly departed.

Funeral processions, Cemeteries and Mourning customs.

We'll also take a light hearted look at funeral superstitions and some bizarre deaths.

Portsmouth Spies

Did you know ?  Portsmouth has seen its fair share of spies and espionage.

In this talk we travel through Portsmouth's historical past and look at the people and events which have been the subject of mystery and intrigue.

Literary Portsmouth

From the classics of Dickens and Jane Austen, to the ever popular works of Conan-Doyle; Neville Shute and Enid Blyton, Portsmouth has welcomed them all. 

We'll also let you know what these famous visitors thought of Portsmouth and throw in a few extracts from their work. 

Portsmouth Heroes and Heroines of The Great War

We present a collection of stories detailing the remarkable actions of these Portsmouth people in the war to end all wars. 

Portsmouth Heroes and Heroines of World War 2

Another collection of stories highlighting the actions of servicemen/women and the unsung heroes of the city.

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Murderous Portsmouth

Tales of murder most foul from the slums of 'Devils Acre' to George Joseph Smith (the Brides in the bath murderer).